Man & Nature

About the company

Bridging the Gaps

About the Company

Man & Nature AB is a one-man company that has the ambition to contribute to long-term sustainable development by creating conditions for joint learning between academia, authorities, businesses and civil society. The main activity is to lead and facilitate processes, projects and meetings with a focus on natural resources, landscapes and land and water use.

Many environmental problems and issues concerning the management and use of natural resources are often characterized by scientific uncertainty, complexity, large knowledge gaps and conflict. Man & Nature likes challenges and difficult problems.

The foundation of the business is credibility and impartiality. Man & Nature is independent in relation to political, religious, economic, public and private special interests.

Man & Nature’s vision is sustainable development where

Social sustainable development is the goal

Ecological sustainable development is the requirement

Economic sustainable development is the means

About me

Anders Esselin

I am a biologist, journalist and facilitator. Since 2002, I have mainly worked with communication and facilitation of meetings, projects and processes – first at the Swedish University of Agriculture, then at the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten, and in recent years in my own company Man & Nature AB.

My ambition is to help people to think clearly together about complex and intractable social issues with a particular focus on sustainable development, natural resources and land and water use.